MMIO Collection

The MMIO Collection - A modern day found object cabinet of curiosities consisting of 1,000 Magically Mundane Inanimate Objects (MMIOs) taken on a journey from the physical world into the digital realm and back again, transformed.

MMIOs are created by taking a unique but often mundane physical item - a basic object that you might find in your house, your parent's house, your friend's house, decorating your office, in your kid's room, or somewhere in your everyday life - recognizing the beauty and uniqueness in its normal or basic function, and creating a one of a kind digital artwork based on it… And then bringing it back into the physical world by featuring it on a unique collector style playing card.

At its heart, the concept revolves around these MMIOs:

A magically mundane item is chosen, a photo is taken of it in front of a background (plain or otherwise), that photo is converted to create the illusion of it being an illustration, the background of the image is then edited (sometimes heavily, other times barely at all) to create a customized effect specifically tailored to match each individual item, and finally that image is then minted as a one of a kind and unique one of one NFT.

This process allows us to transform these items - something as simple as a plastic topiary, a plaster dinosaur skull, a stone sculpture of a bird - from the physical and functional object they were designed to be into something unique, something different and particularly magical, living in both the physical and the digital world, one of a kind, and truly non-fungible.

At this point we now have two distinct items - a physical piece here in this world and the digital artwork created from it as a non-fungible token in the matrix… Both of which are magically mundane, unique, beautiful in their own way, and collectible in and of themselves.

But the MMIOs journey isn't over yet - in the spirit of creating something truly collectible, these two items, the physical and the digital, are merged into one and brought back from the digital world into the physical world by creating an exclusive collector card, in limited quantities, for each MMIO.

This creates a new physical item: Something that is real, that you can hold in your hand, but featuring the digital representation… And the item completes its journey from this realm, into the digital matrix, and back again.

Be a part of a Magically Mundane Inanimate Object's journey - Collect a MMIO today and join us as we find, collect, and take a thousand magically mundane items on an adventure from one world to another and back again, transformed.

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Project Details / Overview & Roadmap:

Collection / Edition & Reward Details:

The Collection consists of a total of 1111 one of one NFTs & 250k collector cards released across 5 distinct editions, with each edition featuring:

  • 200 MMIO NFTs
  • 22 Mashup NFTs given away for free as rewards to random MMIO owners
  • 50k cards sold in sets of 10.

The 5th and final edition closes out the collection with the addition of 1 Collection Compilation NFT given away - for free - to one owner of a piece in the collection once all 1k NFTs have been sold & all 110 Mashups have been distributed.

NFT Details:

The NFTs in the collection are broken down in three ways:

  • 1,000 unique, individually photographed & created Magically Mundane Inanimate Objects NFTs (MMIOs)
  • 110 MMIO Mashup NFTs (Mashups) based upon combining (In real life) the physical objects from at least 2 MMIOs and creating a unique piece of digital art
  • 1 compilation NFT of the entire collection (Including all 1000 MMIOs and 110 Mashups).

MMIOs are the core of our collection, and are unique one of one NFTs created by taking a mundane object, something physical and functional, and turning it into a unique piece of digital art.

Mashup NFTs are a reward for supporting the project and owning an MMIO and are given away for free to the current holder of a random MMIO as they are released. Each MMIO is assigned an ID number and each time a Mashup is released a random one is selected from ALL of the MMIOs that have been released AND sold - that Mashup is then is given to the whoever currently owns the MMIO associated with the selected ID number.

The collection kicks off with the first edition, and will be launched with the release of 60 MMIOs and 5 Mashups, after which MMIOs will be released for sale as they are completed up until the end of each edition, with no further MMIOs being released until all items in that edition have been sold.

Mashups will be released as MMIOs are purchased, at an approximately 1 to 10 ratio - roughly every 10 MMIOs collected will trigger a release/distribution of a Mashup.

This means that there is a chance each sold MMIO could end up being selected as the recipient for each Mashup released, with previously selected MMIOs not being excluded. The percentage chance of each MMIO being selected is greatest at the beginning of the collection as there are less options to select from - as more MMIOs are released, the odds of being selected to receive a Mashup go down.

There are 2 exceptions to this distribution method: the first 5 Mashups released and the last 2 in each edition.

Due to the fact that they are being ‘released’ at the launch of the edition, the initial selection for the first 5 Mashups will be held once the first 50 MMIOs have been purchased and will include the entire first 50 MMIOs purchased as potential recipients (IE 1:50 chance of receiving for each).

Conversely, to ensure that everybody who participates in supporting an edition has a greater chance of receiving a mashup from that edition, the pool of potential recipients for the last 2 (of 22) Mashups in each edition will only include pieces from that edition, not the entire pool, and these will only be released / distributed once all 200 pieces in that edition have been purchased.

Outside of these two specific instances, selections will be held upon release of the Mashup and will include all MMIOs that have been purchased to date across all editions in the pool.

Finally, once the last MMIO in the collection has been purchased and the last 2 Mashups have been distributed from the 5th & final edition, one single compilation NFT will be made of the entire collection, including all 1000 MMIOs and all 110 Mashups. A random ID number will then be selected from a pool of all items in the collection (including both MMIOs and Mashups - IE 1:1110 chance) and the owner of that piece when selected will be gifted the single 1/1 Collection Compilation NFT.

At that point the collection will then be complete and closed with a grand total of 1111 unique 1 of 1 NFTs, with no further additions being added.

NFT Pricing:

All MMIO NFTs will be priced at a flat rate throughout each edition, with the price increasing with each edition to match the edition number the MMIO is released in (IE 1st edition = 1 ETH each, 2nd = 2ETH, 3rd = 3ETH, etc).

All MMIOs, Mashups, and the Compilation NFT will have a 10% royalty associated with future resales.

Collector Card Details:

To complete their journey from the physical world into the digital and then back again, each MMIO will have a limited edition collector card produced and distributed in a random quantity; At the end of each edition every MMIO in that edition will be randomly assigned a number of cards greater than 2 to be printed, with the total number of cards across all 200 designs in that edition equal to 50k. We will then publish the number of cards to be created for each MMIO, produce the cards, remove one of each MMIO design from the total number produced as an artist proof, and then further randomize their distribution by packaging them into sets of 10 unique cards, with the cards in each package being unknown. Once completed, sets of cards will then be available for purchase on a first come first served basis from the MMIO Collection website.

Physical Collection Creation:

Finally, the artist proof that was pulled for each card design will be kept in reserve to create a physical display of the entire collection as a true cabinet of curiosities here in the physical world. The wonder-room style display will feature all five editions, and include each of the actual physical items used to create the MMIOs, the original uncirculated physical 'playing' cards, digital screens displaying the minted NFTs, and possibly various other supporting pieces, and will be availble for exhibition at some point in the future - with location, timing, and accessibility still to be determined.

The End.

Welcome to the journey - Collect your MMIO today and join us on our adventure. It should be interesting... :-)

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